‘- – – Just – – – Breathe – – -‘

breathe 1This morning was one of those mornings when I became very conscious of the true value – of simply – breathing – of simply sitting – taking in my surroundings – allowing my senses to respond.

Of – taking time – enjoying the moment – breathing in the air around me – the times of stillness – the gentle breeze.

Of breathing in – the smell of the roses – of mown grass – of life around me.

Breathing in the quiet – allowing it to penetrate my soul – stilling any turmoil or anxious thought.

I breathe  in the view – allowing my eyes to feast on the amazing variation from the colours and textures of the trees and grasses – ponder the heavens –  the vastness drawing not just my eyes – but my soul – upwards – lifting my spirits.

I so need to take advantage of times – just – to – breath – life so easily takes over – so many things clamour for my attention – for my time – and it’s almost as though I forget – to simply pause – and breath.

breathe 3Life seems to be lived in such a rush – I need to learn more and more -to savour moments – to recognise the preciousness – not just of my surroundings – but of the friendships and relationships that I enjoy. How often do I ‘breath them in’ – give time to appreciate – to ‘be there’ – to relax – enjoy the company of others.

breathe 2Today I make that a priority – I will breathe – pause – breathe again – in order to bring peace and quiet to my soul – and so be able to truly share myself with others.

And as I sit and ‘breathe’ – I will let go of my ‘to do’ lists – and simply ‘be’ who I am – allowing my life – my soul – to be filled with His love – His grace – His peace – His rest – and appreciate being able to enjoy the moment.

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  1. Carol Nicholls says:

    How true thanks for sharing.
    Love Carol xx

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