‘A Late Spring Clean’

clean 2.jpgAs most of us have experienced this week – it’s been wet!! – rain has poured down for the past few days – and I guess we have all dealt with it differently.

Some will have spent the time grumbling – others will have recognised the value of the rain – our need for it – and why we can call our country ‘ a green and pleasant land’ – many of us will have had to readjust our plans – those outdoor activities being made impossible.

clean 7Fortunately – having managed to get out in the garden the weeks previously – I simply decided to make the most of those wet days – and do a late ‘Spring Clean’ – and as always found it quite rewarding.

clean 1Of course there were those times when I became distracted – finding myself carried away by memories that various – previously hidden items evoked – finding myself lost in my past – transported to places visited so long ago – reminded of people who have contributed so much to my life.

I also faced difficult decision’s – what to hold on to – and what to let go of.

Of course – so much of my time was simply spent on cleaning – tidying up -and resorting – but the end result was clear to be seen.

clean 6In much the same way – we need to spend time now and then on ‘spring cleaning’ our lives on the inside.

clean 4I love this quote – where we are encourage to refresh – re-evaluate – re-assess and revive every corner of our lives.

It’s always good to look over our lives – to recognise what is important – to be reminded of all the good – but also – to let go – to get rid of those things that spoil – that simply ‘clutter up our lives.


So – as I contemplate further ‘spring cleaning’ – I also allow my mind to ponder on what may need ‘cleaning and sorting’ in my inner self – and determine to regularly do something about it – and as the quote below suggests recognise those things that are truly useless – and deal with them first.clean 5

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