‘Don’t Give Up’

effort 6Three weeks ago I wrote a blog entitled ‘The Joy of Planting’ and shared how I was busy planting out some of my favourite plants in the many pots I had found – I was concerned however  as a couple of weeks previously the rabbits had eaten our roses – which had been planted in pots on our patio area.

effort 2Over the past few weeks the number of rabbits has multiplied and it’s not unusual to count a dozen at a time nibbling away on the grass – cute though they are – they posed a real problem – and even when considering buying my plants – I had decided that I needed to overcome the problem – or – risk all my plants being eaten!!

effort 9

I was not going to give up ! – so – I invested in some wire – and as I put out the pots – I protected my plants as best I could.

I built a ‘wall’ around my pots in the corners – and also planted some marigolds – as I had heard the rabbits didn’t like them. The pebbles were also sprinkled with a mixture of cayenne pepper and garlic – as my research suggested.effort 7

The roses and tomato plants were encircled with wire tall enough to stop the biggest of the rabbits from reaching themeffort 8.




However – the strawberry pot didn’t prove successful – even though it had been lifted on top of another pot – and some of the plants had been eateneffort 1 – but – I wasn’t about to give up – so – the bird bath was put to a different use – and successfully lifted the pot high enough to be out of harms way.

Quite a bit of thought and work has had to go into making it possible for me to grow my plants – but  I really wasn’t about to give up – I so love to see my favourite flowers and herbs growing – and so it was worth investing n a bit of effort.

That’s so true about many things in this life – we have a choice – we can invest in making that effort – or we can give in – I guess it amounts to how much we really want our lives to be successful – to grow that beauty and colour – to protect and nurture the seeds that God has planted within us. effort 10

The ‘rabbits’ will be there – those things that seek to destroy – but – we can make that effort – guard our hearts – as this quote says – it’s so important to guard our hearts – but we can’t do it alone – effort 11we need to allow that peace of God to help us – to protect us – to allow us to become all that He has planned and purposed for us to become.

So – don’t give up – plant those seeds – those plants – with His help protect them – and enjoy seeing them grow in your life and in the lives of others.

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