‘Make a Difference’

I’m thankful today for the small ways in which I can involve myself in making a difference in the lives of others.make a difference 2

There are so many opportunities for us to do just that – and we really don’t need to feel that we have to be anyone ‘special’ we simply have to care – and to be there.

We can always find others who are not as fortunate as we are – in so many ways too – be that physically – mentally – emotionally – financially etc.

I have felt so blessed over several months as I have witnessed just how a little bit of encouragement has made people ‘blossom’ – see some worth in themselves – begin to believe in themselves and have dignity restored to their lives – and all because someone saw something in them that they could not see in themselves.make a difference 4

So often – because of circumstances that have happened – and are happening – in their lives – they cease to believe that they have any value whatsoever – they feel they have nothing to offer – that they have no worth.

What a difference it makes when someone believes in them – sees their worth – and helps them to see it too.make a difference 5

I have witnessed such growth in confidence – a restored sense of value to their lives – a pride in what they have accomplished – and all it took – was for someone to care.

There is so much power – in the small things – so never underestimate even that smallest act of caring – you could make such a difference and change someone’s life – there are plenty of opportunities each day – look out for them. make a difference 3

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