‘Awaken The Dawn’

I love the early mornings – especially those mornings when I can sit and watch the dawn breaking. At this time of the year I unfortunately don’t often catch a glimpse of that dawning of the new day – but there is still a freshness – a quietness – and I can experience a ‘dawn awakening’ in my soul.awake 4

I came across these words the other day – wrote them down – but cannot remember just where I read or heard them – but they have stayed with me ever since – the quote goes “You awaken the dawn – in the depths of my soul”

I find the words so inspiring – so uplifting – expressing the very real wonder of ‘dawn awakening’ – of that fresh beginning – of a sense of ‘a new day’ – within my spirit.


Just as the dawn heralds in that ‘newness’ – I too need a newness in my spirit – I need ‘dawn to awaken – in my soul’ – for there to be a freshness that will carry me through the day ahead.

awake 3I am promised that He has new ‘mercies’ for me each day – that He offers me that ‘freshness’ – I need to allow that ‘awakening’ to take place – to sense that new ‘dawning’ – to begin the day refreshed and renewed.

awake 6We are surrounded by so much wonderful creation – so much beauty – and I find that as I dwell on it – my soul is stirred – my spirit renewed – a new dawning takes place in the depths of my soul.

awake 5

As I was writing this – I came across this prayer – a simple prayer – yet one that expresses that need – that desire – to be refreshed.

I make it mine today – and wait for Him to ‘awaken that dawn – in the depths of my soul’

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