‘Everyone Has a Story’

faces 2She looked sullen – grumpy – kept herself apart – acted as though she carried the world on her shoulders – – – – – – – ‘maybe she did’

He stayed in the shadows – talked to no one – unkept – and sad – – – – – – – –  ‘and alone’

She was always smiling – drew a crowd – kept up the chatter – not seeming to have a care in the world – – – – – – – ‘but did she’

Lost in her own little world – gazing at nothing – no emotion crossing her features – reacting to nothing – – – – – – – – ‘but why’

So many people – so many faces – I pass them by – meet them each day – yet – what do I really see – do I even bother to look too closely.

faces 4There are so many sad stories out there – behind all those faces – stories of loss – of grief – of abuse – stories often too hard to tell – and yet – they all need someone to notice them – to show them some love – some acceptance.


faces 3

It’s so easy to judge – to make assumptions about people – by what we see – but as one who professes to follow Christ – then I should be the first in line to reach out – to share in their stories – to accept – to love – as Christ Himself always does.

faces 5I’ve seen the way that people react to even a small act of kindness – it really does make a difference – so today I determine to go out of my way more – to really see the people I pass and meet during my days – and to treat them in a way that will allow them to see that someone cares – and to pray that in some way this may help them to rise above their hurt – their sorrow – and – add to their storyfaces 1 in a positive way.

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