‘The Joy of Planting’

blooms 1I simply love this time of year – when so many plants are beginning to bloom – my fingers itch to get planting!

As we were away last week – and for a long weekend after that – I had decided that it would be better to wait to do my planting when we got back. However it’s proved such a busy week that I have had to wait until today to go and buy those plants.

blooms 7We live out in the countryside – fabulous views – but no ‘real garden’ – by that I mean that our ‘grass’ – you could not call it a lawn! – is full of thistles – and – regularly visited by many birds and animals – the most noticeable – and perhaps destructive – being the rabbits.

So – as it’s nigh impossible to plant in any borders – which tend to get dug up by the rabbits – the solution is going to be lots of pots!

We have many pots – bought over the years – and some of the plants do need repotting – so – having counted everything up – off we set – to see what we could buy within our budget.

Some of my favourite flowers are the sweet pea – bringing memories of my dad’s love for themblooms 11

I also love fuchsias – and always want pots of them around – with their delicate blooms and wonderful colours.blooms 9

Other favourites of mine include the many wonderful herbs – how I love to see pots of them gathered together – and best of all of course – the enjoyment of simply going out to cut them – to include in my cooking.blooms 8

So – off we went – and bought quite a selection!IMG_0411

Seems like I have a lot of work to do – first we did sort out all the pots –


As this has taken most of the day and I have reached my limits – I’ll have to keep the planting until tomorrow – I can hardly wait!

Just thinking about planting does remind me of other things that I can plant every day of my life – and I would dearly love to think I have some success in doing so – so as I plant out the flowers and herbs that I bought today – I will pray that I may constantly plant kindness and love into the lives of those I come into contact with.

blooms 10



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  1. Carol Nicholls says:

    Love your posts love to you both xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely photos! My husband loves to garden and once I retire next year, I hope to join him and learn!


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