‘Be Content’

Our daughter in law has just returned from a trip to Zambia – meeting with many people  who have so little – and had travelled many miles in order to receive training and encouragement – that they would then take back to their various villages.

She sent videos and photos – as we can so easily do these days – and I was struck – as always – by the happiness that pours out from them all.

content 4

Having had experience of working in Africa for a number of years – I know that this happiness is not simply ‘put on for the camera’ – it’s genuine! – and – I’ve always found it humbling too.

It’s strange that – those with so little seem to be more content than many who have much.

content 1



I love these pictures – truly depicting happiness  with what they have – whatever their situation.

There surely is enough stress in this life – without stressing over what we do not have – how much easier  – and simpler life would be – if we could learn to be truly content.content 2


I’m reminded of a verse from the Bible – when Paul writes of  learning that – ‘whatever situation he finds himself in – he is content.’

A lesson we could all do with learning – and we would-  I believe – be happier for that.


Surely my content – springs up from deep within me- richness of the soul

Why then should I strive – simply for material gain – when I am content

So I will not strive – but be happy with my lot – and so I am rich

content 3





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