‘The Cross’

cross 1

There is really only one symbol to signify Good Friday – and that of course is the cross.

Today I am reminded of a poem written by my mum – must be at least 80 years ago – and I felt I wanted to  honour her memory by sharing it here on my blog today.

lois 08 (2)


Only a cross – set on a hill

But as I looked – my heart stood still

For more than a cross my eyes did see

A Saviour – dying there for me


My life was changed – my heart was broke

And not a word could I have spoke

Such pain – such love – oh could it be

A Saviour dying there – for me


Then – as I looked into His face

Filled with heavenly love and grace

I knew – He died – my life to save

To win my love – His life He gave


He gave His dying love to me

He shed His blood to set me free

I knelt before the cross – and gave

To Him – the life He died to save

cross 2

I am ever grateful for seeing for myself – a life given to Christ – showing me by example – the love He has for me – and how to seek to live in the light of all that He gave – by giving His life – that I might truly live.cross 3

I am so glad that Easter doesn’t end with Good Friday – but that we have Easter Sunday to look forward to – to celebrate His resurrection – and experience His resurrection power for ourselves

As we celebrate Easter -maybe enjoy family time together – let us remember both the death of Christ and all that accomplished for us – but also His resurrection – and the new life – He offers to all.

Blessings to you





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  1. Easter blessings to you Lois. A lovely poem by your mother.


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you and a Happy Easter to you too

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