‘Enjoy the Spring rain’

I’m excited today – as tomorrow we set off for a few days break – so – we’ve been busy planning the week to come with great anticipation.showers 7

Of course one of the things we can’t help but think about – is the weather! – will it be sunny – warm – dry – or wet!

I just love this time of year – seeing all the new growth – colour springing up all around – yet – recognise that without those Spring showers – the flowers wouldn’t grow – the grass wouldn’t look so green. In fact – I recall the long dry spell we had last summer – when the grass began to look scorched – deprived as it was  – of the rain.

showers 2

Seeing things in this light help me to welcome the rain – to embrace it – and to determine to even enjoy it!

I know that I – like so many – do enjoy that sunshine – it makes me feel good – and makes me happy – yet – if I allow it to – the rain can do that too – it all depends on my attitude – I can determine whether to enjoy it – or to simply endure it.

showers 4I guess that’s much the same in life too – our attitude can make such a difference. If only we could embrace the truth that the storms of life are so often those times when we are made stronger – when we grow more – lean on our faith more.

Our lives become more fruitful – we’re much more able to empathise – to help – to comfort others – who are maybe in the middle of the storm.

showers 3


We need to learn to ‘dance in the rain’ – to embrace the rainy days – to see them as times of ‘refreshing’ – times of ‘growth’ – to even get out there and ‘play in the puddles’.

showers 6



So – as we set off for our weeks break – I have decided not to dwell on the weather – but to simply enjoy whatever comes – rain – or shine – I will see new growth all around – and be reminded – it’s those April showers – that bring the May flowers!






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  1. Hope you have a wonderful break Lois.


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you 💕

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