As I came downstairs this morning – the first thing I looked at – as always – was the sky.


I am always fascinated by it’s variety – at the way it’s never the same – each day – even on grey mornings there is something different to see.

This morning there were some dark clouds – but – what caught my attention – were the sunbeams – those wonderful shafts of light – shining through those clouds.  

I get a feeling of hope when I see those rays – for they remind me that they radiate from that great source of light – our sun – which is always there – sending the warmth and the light that we need to survive – and in turn – I am reminded that God – our great source of light – is always present – always there – to give us life. 

So often it’s when the dark clouds of life are around us that we are more conscious of His presence – the rays of His love beaming down on us – sending us hope – reminding us that He is there.sunbeams 2

It seems that those sunbeams are only visible to us when there are ‘obstacles’ in the way – they only make a visual impression on us when they beam against a shadowy backdrop.

We often see this when walking through trees – the sun is partly hidden – yet the light filters through with those sunbeams.

God reflects Himself against those ‘shadowy backdrops’ of our livessunbeam 5 – and as the quote from St Francis Assisi says – that single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows – and God does the same for us – as He shines through the shadows – He fills the spaces with His light.  

As a very young child in Sunday School we used to sing a song – ‘Jesus wants me for a sunbeam – to shine for Him each day’ – sunbeam 4maybe there is a sense in which I can reflect Him through my life – that I can shine through those shadows in someone’s life – show them that there is hope – remind them that God is always there – maybe – I can – like a sunbeam – pour forth His light – and brighten every dark corner that I come upon.



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  1. I love to see those rays of light coming down from the clouds too. I think being a sunbeam in someone’s life is a very great aim.


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