‘Spring forward’

spring 6Last weekend I lost an hours sleep! – our clocks had to move forward an hour in order to give us more daylight hours. I have to confess that I do enjoy the longer light evenings – even though I missed out on my sleep – it was worth it for that one hour!

If I had decided to ignore ‘springing forward’ – insisted on keeping the old ‘time’ – not only would I have missed out on those longer daylight hours – but I would end up ‘standing still’ while everyone else’ moved forward’spring 5

So many things that are worth it – can cost us some effort or discomfort – mean we have to move – to change – and when we do – we see that in the end – we have advanced our own lives.

We constantly need to move on – to ‘spring forward’ – to move with the seasons of our lives and enjoy all that each one brings.

spring 10

As I was musing on these things my thoughts went to ‘reminders’ that I keep getting on my various devises – reminders to ‘update’ – ‘to upgrade’ – and I’m sure I’m not the only one who keeps pressing the ‘remind me later’  button! – but – if I persist on not ‘updating’ I can miss out on being able to access certain things. This happened to me only this week – as I was trying to perform a task – and in order to do so-  it was necessary to take the time to update a certain programme!

spring 9So much in life is the same – we need to continually ‘move forward’ –  ‘update’ – in order to keep ourselves available and ready for any ‘task’ – for the things that we need – and want – to do.

This verse from the Bible speaks wisdom for me – ‘Forgetting what is behind – I press on’ – because so often – in order to ‘move on’ – to ‘spring forward’ – we need to leave some of the past behind.

In changing those clocks – we leave the winter behind – it’s necessary so that we move easily from one season to the next.spring 8

I love the lessons that simple everyday things can teach us – today – my ‘lesson’ – the truth that I take from the ‘springing forward’ of the time – and the updating’ on my devices – is that I constantly need to move forward – no matter which ‘season’ I am in – in my life – there is always another ‘season ahead – and so I will ‘press on’ – and ‘spring forward’!



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  1. Wise thoughts on the need for change Lois. I don’t like that lost hour either, but it serves its purpose!


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