‘Welcome to spring’

spring 1There’s no way that we can deny that Spring has really and truly arrived – there are signs of it wherever we look – glorious swaths of daffodils waving their pretty heads in the wind

spring 2crocuses splashing their colour with joyous abandonment

delicate blossoms sprouting from what were not too long ago bare branches

spring 3


tiny buds bursting with promisespring 4

I love the Spring!

I came across this poem written by my mum many – many years ago – I have her to thank for so much inspiration that she continues to pass on 19 years after leaving this world.

I went out walking this afternoon – with joy abroad in my heart

For I went to meet a well loved friend – after long – long months apart

How grand it was to see her – in beauty all arrayed

For hours and hours contentedly – with her I could have stayed

Where’re I went I saw her – and felt her in the air

And everyone seemed happy – because my friend was there

The splendour of her presence – was revealed in everything

Oh – thank you God for bringing back – my longed for friend – the Spring


I’m sure that you feel the same as I dospring – so glad to have my friend Spring back with me! So – even on the cold days – or when you’re feeling down – can I encourage you to go and meet with her – she is sure to lift your spirits – and give you hope.

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  1. A lovely poem Lois, to welcome the joy that is spring.


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