‘Honest and Open’

honesty 4How refreshing it has been to read news from a friend that was ‘honest’ – that spoke of her feelings – as she has recently begun a journey with cancer – that spoke openly – honestly about her fears – her anger – shock – disbelief.

She opened herself up – made herself vulnerable – by being so honest and transparent.

She spoke of the uncertainty she lives with constantly – the questions that run through her mind – what the future holds – will she see her kids marry – will the treatments she has to go through allow her to live a long life – will God answer the prayers of so many for a miracle.

She also speaks of thankfulness – of gratitude – for so much she can still do and enjoy. Her post is honest – her beautiful personality shines through – her strong faith is evident – and for such – I applaud her – she allowed her true self to be seen – was real in her openness – and shared her true self.honesty 6

I’m reminded of another friend whose faith and strength has shone through – following a family tragedy – yet – always there’s an honesty – no hiding the pain – no pretense that all is well – all of the time – but allowing others to care too – to know her – in the hard times of her life.

I find such people inspiring – it takes courage to be so honest – to open yourself up – to show the real you – the sorrow as well as the joy – weakness as well as strength – fear – anxiety – even times of doubt about our faith.

honesty 5We never know when by being so open and honest – we can help someone else – who is maybe going through a tough time themselves – and – by daring to be open we allow those who God has placed around us – to walk with us – to encourage – strengthen – and love us  – as we walk through this life.

Let’s dare to  be ‘honest and open’ – and – we may be surprised – at the response!


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