‘Take Nothing For Granted’

Looking out across the open countryside this morning I was suddenly struck with how easily I can become accustomed to this wonderful view – and – if I’m not careful – can begin to take it for granted.

I recall a few years ago when we lived close to the sea – how I loved to walk down to the beach – gaze over the ocean – listen to the waves as they broke on the shore. I determined that I would never take that for granted – yet – it probably wasn’t until I no longer lived there that I fully appreciated what I had been able to enjoy for so long.tnfg 2

I guess it’s like that with so much in life – not just the  sights and sounds that we can come to love – but the people that are part of our lives too. So many people that I have had the privilege to get to know – to share a part of their lives – many of them from years past – many living miles away – and I wonder – did I ever take them for granted – did I truly appreciate them while they were a part of my life – do I appreciate all those who are a part of my life now – or – do I often take them for granted.tnfg 1

Recently I have begun to recognise that I can no longer take my health for granted. As I get older my body doesn’t keep up the pace that it did years ago – pain stops me from being quite so active – I can never guarantee what tomorrow holds – how my health will be. Yet surely – for all of us – we can never take our health for granted either – so many friends and family have suffered ill health – many unexpectedly – and make me so grateful for the health that I have.

tnfg 3Each day is precious – I never want to take any of it for granted – I want to live my life with gratitude for all that I have had – for the richness of my life – filled with such varied experiences – with wonderful people – and I never want to take anything for granted now – but to relish whatever comes my way – and appreciate each moment – of each day.

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