‘The Snowdrop – A Bringer of Hope’

It seems that everywhere I go these days I see snowdrops – those ‘little drops of hope’ – a reminder to us that the winter is ending – spring is on the way – the hope of longer days – more light – the first of the flowers and blossoms that brighten our days.IMG_1799

Some grow in small clumps – among the deadness of the winter undergrowth – others carpet the woodlands or garden lawns – giving us that wonderful glimpse of the coming of Spring.

Often we will see them – in the harshest of conditions – peaking up from the snow – but this year – as we are enjoying much milder weather  – they seem to be growing in abundance and sparkling in the sunshine.snowdrops 8


Other flowers are already beginning to bloom – the yellow of the first daffodils – the purple and yellow of the crocuses – catkins are sprouting – gorse splashing yellow patches among the hedges – all bringing wonderful colour to the winter landscape.

Yet – even as I see other colours beginning to immerge – I find there is something so special about the whiteness of the snowdrop.

I came across this poem and thought it expressed some of what I feel when I see the snowdrop

snowdrops 9.png

I just love the line in that poem that – speaking of the snowdrop says – ‘a frail white symbol of a winter passed ‘- and the line -‘sings through sorrows night’ – again that picture of hope – even after the darkest of winter nights.

I’m inspired by this simple pure flower – inspired to be a symbol of ‘hope’ to others – especially those who have gone thorough a ‘long winter’ snowdrops 4

Because I have the hope that Christ brings – experience His blessings and know His love – I will seek to show them to others – to be a symbol of all that He is to me – to shine white – to show hope – and ‘sing through sorrows night’.




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