‘The Full Picture’

Over the holiday period we began a new tradition – anyone who visited was welcome to help complete the colourful picture of a new jigsaw.img_1650

It was fun – as various ones stopped at the table and slotted in a few pieces. There were those who were more dedicated to seeing the full picture complete – and of course a real sense of achievement  when it was done!

 Seeing all the pieces scattered about and visualising that finished picture – reminds me of a quote I came across finish 3 

We didn’t see the finished picture until all the pieces were put together – and of course the right pieces had to go together. There were times when we thought we had found the right piece – only to discover that it didn’t quite fit!

So I need to trust God – for even when my life seems to be a puzzle and the pieces don’t seem to fit together – He always knows exactly how they all go – and if I allow Him to – He will fit them perfectly together.

At the same time I recall a poem from many years ago that I have never forgotten finish 1

What an image this paints – an image that anyone who has ever done embroidery will identify with – for when you see the ‘wrong side’ you hardly recognise the picture you are producing – all you see are knots – loose threads – a tangle of colours which seem to make no sense – but you – as the designer – as the one who has done the work – know what the finished product looks like.

It’s difficult during those dark times in your life – when you feel as though all that is being ‘woven’ are the dark threads – when you see no colour – when all you see are knots – messed up thread – and you can’t make any sense of what you see – but – remember – you only see the ‘underside’ – trust Him to continue to weave – to complete the picture that He has planned for you.

Maybe you could pray this prayer with me and trust that one day you will be able to enjoy seeing that completed picture – the picture of your life.


finish 2




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