‘Facing The Future’

future 3So – the festivities end – the decorations are packed away for another year – remnants of food gathered together – last minute treats to enjoy – and – a new year is already upon us.

There are so many different ways that the next year – the future – is viewed – and I pondered on this after visiting my elder brother just a few days ago.

He suffered a severe stroke  a few years ago – leaving him totally dependent on others and unable to live at home with his wife. The attitude of both of them has been admirable – facing a future of such change that was suddenly forced upon them.future 2

Never have I heard either of the complain – rather – they have faced their future with acceptance – my brother on more than one occasion simply stating that “life happens – and we just have to get on with it”

I came across this quote – and have to say I agree with it – there is indeed ‘honour’ – in acceptance.

Many find it difficult to do this – to accept what life throws at them – and – personally I have found that my faith in God is what helps me – I need His help – to face the future – the unknown – and love this quote –future 4

I do not have to face the future with fear – or anxiety – I lean on the One Who holds my future and pray that He will give me the serenity – courage  and wisdom that I need .

My prayer for you is that as you face the future you will find strength – peace and comfort to face whatever it may hold – and that you will be blessed indeed this coming year.

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