‘If The Stars Were Made To Worship – So Will I ‘

Over the past few days we have been able to see the two planets – Venus and Jupiter – with the naked eye in the early mornings.

small 1It’s just amazing to me and reminds me of times when I have been in places away from the city lights – and gazed up at the myriad stars – there’s nothing quite like it!


The skies hold a fascination for me – I love the way it’s never the same – and in fact changes moment by moment as I watch – but – the night skies are something else – and not something I get to see on a regular basis – maybe I need to get out there and look more often!

small 4As I looked at those far away planets – and wondered at the vastness of our universe – I was reminded of a verse from scripture – where it declares that He not only knows the number of the stars – but their names as well!

In some ways – gazing at the heavens and seeing the vastness – can make me feel so small – almost insignificant – yet  He knows my name too.small 11



I am not small and insignificant – for I am known – and loved – by the God who created the universe – and those stars.

small 6



My soul has to respond – for in the words of a wonderful song – ‘If the stars were made to worship – so will I !!

I worship Him – not only as the One Who created so much for me to enjoy and wonder at – but as the One Who knows me – and loves me.







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  1. amandalannon says:

    Always so encouraging


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