‘Pause on the Threshold’

new 6.jpgThere’s a tendency – when all the Christmas festivities are over – to go rushing into the new year – to plan whatever is next – to book that holiday – to begin new ventures.

We are bombarded with advertisements – for those holiday destinations –  for the next new thing in our lives – so – the new year so often begins with plans made – and – we feel as though we have the future covered – all sorted out.


For me – I’m very well aware that there is no certainty in life – especially as I look back over the past year – at how circumstances have changed for so many of our friends and family. We may make our plans – rush ahead – simply taking for granted that all will work out.

new 3I’m reminded of a verse in the Bible – that encourages us to ‘pause’ – to take time – to learn from the past – to find ‘the good way’ –

new 7I want to stand at the threshold of this coming new year – and pause – to wait for what God may have planned for me – rather than try to plan it all myself.

I am confident that if I seek to follow His plans – He will walk beside me in them – for He knows just what is ahead – so I do not fear.

I’m not saying we should have no plans – but simply that we be willing to take the time – to pause a while before filling our lives so full that maybe we miss out – miss out on important things that may suddenly appear – fill our lives so full that we leave no time for the unexpected – for people who may need us – or – for God to be able to lead us.

new 5



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