‘Emmanuel – God With Us’

emmanuel 1

For me – this is an awesome thought – that God Himself – came down to this earth – simply because He wanted to be with us!

He not only lived among the people on earth at that time – but continues to live with us even now.

emmanuel 4‘How can this be?’ – a question that not only Mary asked at the time – but that I ask so often – as I wonder – that I can know God with me – every day – have known Him walk with me all through my life – what a wonder – what a privilege

I find myself very taken up with this thought as we celebrate Christmas time – because it was the very beginning of God – dwelling with us – and I never want to lose that sense of wonder – never want to take for granted – that He choses – to be with me.

I am also very mindful at this time of year – how difficult it is for some people – amidst all the extra activities – fun times – family times – and full days – the season cannot pass by quickly enough – they struggle to enter into the spirit of joy. Maybe they find it difficult to simply survive a day at a time – no money to spare – unable to bless others with gifts they would long to give – or – maybe they are alone – with no one to share this time with.emmanuel 3

Social media is full of photos – of happy faces – of friends and families – of social occasions – festive activities – – so hard to see – for those who are not a part of any of it.

Many people recognise that there are so many needy and lonely people – and make so much effort to involve them – to include them – to provide for them – yet they can still feel alone.

I pray this prayer today – asking for His loving care to be made known to all – that each one with find comfort in the truth – that Emmanuel – God is with us – becomes a reality  – not just at Christmas time – but every day.

emmanuel 2

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