‘Leaving Your Mark’

This time of year is one when I especially remember friends – recall times spent with them over the years – as my path has crossed with theirs.

Some of those friendships only lasted for a short while – as our lives moved apart – others continued for many years – yet – each left it’s mark – and the bonds that were forged hold strong.friends 1

Memories surface – thankfulness rises within my heart – to have had the privilege to call so many my friends.

I’m reminded of some quotes about friends – and recognise that each one left an impact on my life – left their ‘footprint’ behind –  friends 4some leaving maybe only a small footprint – some maybe fading with time – others staying strong and deep – and – I am moved by the impact they had – and still have – on my life. friends7


So – as I remember – I say ‘Thank you’ – to all who have crossed paths with me on my life’s journey so far – you left your mark – made that impact – and stay with me in spite of the passing of years.

“THANK YOU”friends 3 – and I want to encourage you – to believe that you have the capability to influence others for good – to leave a mark – that you probably will never see yourself -to know that as God brings people across your path – there is the potential for you to leave your footprint on their lives – and – for them to leave their footprint on yours.friends 2


So – as I reflect today – my prayer is that as I myself have crossed paths with so many over the years – and continue to do so – that I will leave a good imprint behind – that I may be remembered with kindness – forgiven for my mistakes – and still treasured – as a friend.


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  1. We never know what mark we’ll make on others and it’s wonderful to have so many memories as a result of people we’ve known.


  2. Kelly says:

    So lovely to read xxxx


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