‘Thank You For The Music’

music 6

Don’t worry – I’m not writing a reflection about the song – ‘Thank you for the music’ – sung by ABBA – much as I enjoy that song alongside many others – I simply use those words as a heading for my reflection today!

This morning the sky was spectacular and glorious IMG_1581 (Edited)– I tried to capture the splendour – yet failed to fully convey those vibrant reds that swept across the dawn. Today though was a bit of an exception at the moment – IMG_1301 (Edited)most of the morning skies have been blank and grey – either filled with rain – or covered by mist – not that I have any problem with that – I love the sight of that early morning mist – creating a mystery hovering over the land.

One thing that has transpired however – is that on those dark and grey days – as my attention has not been taken up so fully with a changing sky – I have listened to more music – in the quiet that the early morning brings with it – this caused me to begin to reflect on the importance that music has played – and still plays in my life.music 3


Growing up – my ears were filled with the majesty of hymn tunes – songs to stir the soul – to cause worship to rise from within the depths of my spirit – to One Who loved me – wanted me to know Him – to love Him in return. There was a depth of feeling in those old tunes – and even today – some of that music still causes a response from my heart.

As the years passed – my ears became attuned to many other forms of music – music that was joyful – exuberant even –  music that was soothing – reflective – music that continued to stir at my emotions.music 8


So many people are gifted – writing and performing music – bringing joy – comfort – inspiration – to so many. I cannot contemplate life – without music.


So much of the music that I hear however – is simply nature itself – playing her melody –music 4 for all who will listen. Songs of the birds – the wind whistling through the trees – sounds of rolling waves – of waterfalls or babbling brook – claps of thunder – pouring rain – so much music – if we tune our ears to hear it.

I am so thankful – for the music – for the sounds that have echoed down the ages – of new sounds being created.music 1


I thank God for all the gifted people who have imparted so much to my life – through their music – and – not forgetting the wonderful contribution that nature itself makes – with it’s music – ever present with me – whenever I tune my ears to hear.

‘Thank You for the Music’


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