‘You Lifted My Spirits’


The past days have been grey – the skies heavy with rain clouds -the wind howling – and – my body has been struggling too – leaving me feeling much as the atmosphere around me.


Then – into that greyness – came a splash of colourIMG_1541 – flowers – sent to cheer – and that’s just what they did.

Messages from friends too – wishing me well – small acts – to remind me that someone cared

Strangely these reminded me of a poem – from way back in the past – and my spirits were lifted

colour 1I was reminded of how small things can make a big difference – something that I myself need to constantly remember – and reach out – in whatever way I can – and maybe in doing so – I can lift someone else’s spirit too.

And – as if that was not all – this morning  the skies gave me a gift too – a splash of colour – a burst of light – nature playing a part in the lifting of my spirits – the dark clouds gone – instead a mixture of pinks and yellows – turning to glorious light – as the sun rose on my day – a new day of promise – a new day with my spirits lifted – and thankfulness in my heart.





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  1. I’m glad that you were given those lovely gifts to lift your spirits Lois.


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