‘The Wonder of a Rainbow’

20170910_183109There seems to have been an abundance of rainbows recently – the dark skies creating a perfect backdrop – often during the onset of the early evening.

I love these rainbows – try to capture them on my phone camera – and can never seem to do them justice – the colours too spectacular – the whole spectrum almost too wondrous – my images never quite seeming to capture the glory that I see with my naked eye.

bow 5I can never look at a rainbow without remembering that such a wonder was first put into our skies as a promise of God – and it comforts me to know that I can rely on His promises.bow 1

Many times in my life I remind myself of His promises and faithfulness to me – as life changes – circumstances around me – and – even as I change myself  – I cling to the promises – secure in the certainty that He never changes – He never fails – He is faithful – He is always with me – even in my darkest days

bow 9The words of a song by Chris Tomlin were going through my mind this morning – causing me to dwell on the faithfulness of God – and I am so thankful that as the seasons change – both in the natural – and personally in my life – I can recall the rainbow – and the promises He gives me.

bow 3


I pray this Irish blessing for you – today and in the days ahead – may you see the rainbow – and know He is faithful.

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  1. Rainbows are always a delight, I saw a double one just this morning.


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