‘Thank You For Walking With Me’

IMG_1459Today is cold and grey – my health not as good as it could be – yet – I managed to go for a short local walk.

IMG_1460The Autumn colours were muted – without the sun shining on them – but nevertheless – they still created a wonderful display on which to feast my eyes – both from the leaves still on the trees and those wonderful golden ones that gave me a soft carpet to walk on.

IMG_1462Suddenly my senses were assailed with the undeniable scent from a garden fire – wafting across gardens – adding to that Autumnal feel.

IMG_1464Fields – brown and bare – reminded me  of the continuance of  the seasons – preparation being made as one fades into another.

IMG_1465The dark skies kept giving me glimpses of the blue beyond – reminding me that however dark it may seem to me – the sun is always shining.

Being out in creation always inspires me – there are so many things that ‘speak’ to me – how glad I am that today I took the opportunity to get out – to be refreshed – both in  my body and my spirit.IMG_1468

And – as I neared the end of my walk – nature gave me a gift ! – a small handful of late blackberries – a rare treat indeed – and I felt blessed – giving thanks to the One Who gives so much to me – and gives me so many opportunities to enjoy His creation.


Does it rejoice Your heart I wonder – when I marvel at Your creation – at the delicate formation of a flower
Marvel at the vast variety of tree and bush –
Gaze with wonder at the heavens – through leafy canopy
Gasp with awe at the sudden view of faraway mountain tops – snowcapped with majesty
Sit at peace beside still waters
None of it would be the same if I could not share it with You – the One who has given it all-  for me to enjoy
You enjoy it too – I’m sure – and take delight in my enjoyment
Thank you for walking with me today – for allowing me to walk at my own pace – thus being able to see all You pointed out to me
Without You – I would have missed so much
I’m enriched – I’m blessed – and I hope You are too

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  1. A lovely autumn meditation, I hope your health improves so that you can enjoy more autumn walks Lois.


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you Andrea – I did manage another short walk today

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