‘Kick The Leaves’

kick 8Almost wherever I look – I see those wonderful colours of Autumn – while I may ‘mourn’ the loss of Summer – the wonder of the Autumn draws me.

Amid the later arrival of the dawn – and the earlier decent of the evening – I wonder at the changing of colour – those glorious browns – reds – gold and russet leaves – made especially beautiful when the rays of the sun set them on fire.

kick 7Even as I delight in this season – memories surface of years long past – of a ‘small me’ – running along – kicking those leaves – memories of fun – of laughter – as wrapped against the biting cold – we rejoiced – forgetting the loss of Summer days – and simply embracing the wonderful season that we were in.

I also recall my own children – and grandchildren – enjoying that same pleasure – deriving that same fun from those dry fallen leaves.

My favorite picture though has to be one of my husband – allowing himself to be free enough to indulge in such a carefree activity – and simply enjoying the fun of the moment – I failed to find the photo – but the memory is alive within me.kick 5

For most of us – the desire to kick those leaves – to let loose – to simply enjoy that sense of fun and freedom – never fades. I guess it’s easier when we are in the company of children – who give no thought to what anyone watching may think – and simply enjoy the moment. We’re too often more concerned about our ‘image’ – or we allow ourselves to be influence by the expectations of others.

How often do we miss the simple things of life – pass over that desire to let go – laugh – enjoy the fun of the moment – or we worry too much about what the next ‘season’ may bring – instead of enjoying the moment we are in.

There are times when maybe we should allow the ‘child’ in us – to be free – abandon ourselves – give in to the desire within us that even the sight of those brittle – wonderfully coloured leaves- stirs within us – simply ‘let go’ – and enjoy.

kick 9As I allow my mind to wander – I can’t help but recall the words of Christ – when He encourages us- in our faith – to become like children – to simply see and accept Who He is without the need to reason it all out – or be overconcerned about what others may think – and as we do – we can experiance a freedom – as though we were just ‘letting go – and kicking those leaves’.


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