‘The Wind’

The gusting wind almost tore the door out of my hand as I opened it this morning – I was on the verge of closing it – but paused – felt that freshness as it hit my face – and decided that I would miss something of this early morning – if I shut out that wind.wind 8

As I sat and allowed that wind to blow – I was reminded of a verse from the Bible – and find how true that is – for we cannot explain where the wind comes from – or goes too – and it’s hard too – for us to  explain how God breathes the breath – ‘wind’ – of His Spirit into us – and makes us alive to Him.wind 5

The wind conjures up so many pictures for us – of storms – being both blown towards us by the wind – or blown away from us.

We talk of the wind blowing the cobwebs away – the freshness – as I experienced this morning.

wind 1The lyrics from a song by Bette Midler speak of ‘the wind beneath my wings’ – voicing the sentiment that she would be nowhere without ‘her hero’ – so I find it – where the wind of God’s Spirit is concerned – He truly is ‘the wind beneath my wings’ – enabling me to fly higher – to rise above – not just the difficulties of life – but the ordinariness too.

Your holy presence. Living in me.


Michael W Smith wrote these words – ‘This is the air I breathe –  how amazing to sense the breath of God’s Spirit actually within me – giving me true life!

I love the two pictures – of the wind – from both these songs – the picture of God’s wind  beneath my wings – and of His breath filling me.

Send Your wind God – blow through my life – inspire me – lift me – above the ordinariness of my day
I can fly higher when You blow Your breath – soar to places I could never go alone – achieve far more with Your enabling
Breath Your breath God – fill me with Your life – Your Holy Presence – causing me to breath – truly take You in
Your wind – Your breath – Your very life – energising – uplifting – filling me – day by day  








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