‘Today – Is A Gift’

gift 3I have often heard it say that ‘Today is the first day of your life’ – gift 2what a thought – to see today as a fresh day – when so often – even before I begin my day – I am defeated by the mistakes of days gone before.

I can so easily be influenced and distracted – and so pick up the day – where I had left off the day before.

I have a choice though

There’s a verse in the Bible that says “His compassions never fail – they are new every morning – great is Your faithfulness”gift 1

God’s compassions are always there for me – each new day – His faithfulness surrounds me too.

He extends His love and forgiveness – enabling me to begin each new day – ‘as though today is the first day of my life

What a gift

One hour into the day finds me with gifts too numerous to hold
In abundance they have been lavished on me – why – I cannot tell
For today is no special day – or – is it
Is not the day itself the greatest gift – a gift so easily overlooked – taken for granted
Yet – today is new – fresh – unblemished – given to me as an opportunity to begin again – to use this day as I please
The mistakes of my yesterdays are past – my experiences a foundation on which to build
My choices today are further gifts – if I choose to see them as such
Yet – how easily I deny myself – fail to see the bounty before me
Or – maybe I just don’t take the time to pause – to look – to open my gift
Todays gifts are for today – tomorrow will bring it’s own
What richness will be added to my life today – and in turn – enrich the lives of others

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