‘Go For It’

go 1I’m so glad this morning that I decided to ‘go for it’ – even in a small way.

Creeping downstairs in the semi darkness – I realised that there wasn’t going to be much to see from my doorway – everything was shrouded with a heavy mist – and – what would be the point of opening my doors – when it was bound to be quite cold.

There was a great temptation to leave those doors closed – put on the fire – and forget about being inspired by any sunrise – however – I decided to ‘go for it’ anyway – and how glad I am that I did!

The freshness that hit me was exhilarating – the quiet – soothing – the songs of the birds exquisite – even the mist was bewitching – and – I almost missed it.go 5

I guess that happens often in my life – those missed moments – opportunities – to see – to feel – to experience – all because I didn’t ‘go for it’.

Sometimes simply because it seemed too much effort – or – it might prove uncomfortable – maybe I even felt it might be a waste of time.go 3

I’m glad that God keeps teaching me these little lessons – He never gives up on me – continues to show me more and more of the details I would miss – the ‘small’ things in life that I would let pass by. In doing so – He makes my life so much richer – causes me to appreciate so much more – and – draws me closer to Himself.

Autumn Morning

IMG_1301 (Edited)

She shrouds herself in the bewitching grey of the mist – hiding her Autumnal glory -the richness of those golden leaves – all hidden – mysterious

Her cloak shields her from the sharp freshness of the air – as with crispness it gently blows – slowly easing away the mist

All seems still – waiting – as if in expectation for the day to begin

There’s a stirring – an awakening – as slowly – she sheds her cloak – and begins to display the day that lies before me

Herself – disappearing along with the mist – yet – I know I’ll see her again – before too long


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