‘The Greatest Artist

Today is the second week of my ‘beginners art class’ – and – I’m going to get some tips – and have a go – at painting ‘skies’ IMG_1120 (Edited)– yet – as I sit here this morning and try to capture the glorious ‘painting’ before me on my phone camera – I’m aware of – the greatest artist that ever was and always will be.IMG_1126 (Edited)


He paints all the time – for whenever I look and whenever I look – I see His handiwork.

No two pictures are the same – and even as I watch – each picture changes – it’s as if I’m actually watching the artist at work.

His artistry is amazing – and of course – not limited to the skies – wonderful though they are.

Many of us probably have thousands of photos on our devises – P1120343of scenes taken as we go about from place to place – we try to capture the beauty of that scene – the glories of that waterfall –

storm 2

the power of the sea –pic 3 the loftiness of mountains –

gaping canyons –pic 1pic 2open prairies –  and so I could go on.




If you’re like me – you’re well aware that most of the time our attempts to capture such things fall far short of the reality – yet – I am so glad that we can attempt to do so – for they become precious memories – not only of the places we have seen – but of the awesomeness of the creator.

So – as I make a first attempt at my sky today – I will recall with wonder – the vast variety of skies that the great artist has ever painted – and continues to paint – and I’ll recall with gratitude the moments when it almost seemed as though He was painting  – just for me – in that moment in time.

What an awesome thought!


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