‘Morning Glory’

I’m sure I’ve loved the long days of Summer as much as anyone else – and in many ways – I’m sorry they are coming to an end – with the sun rising later in the mornings and setting earlier in the evenings.glory 3

However – I delight in being up early enough to see those sunrises – and as I sit at the open doorway – I’m almost blinded by the brightness.

For me – it’s a wonderful ‘heralding in’ of a new day – a glorious beginning – for whatever my day may hold for me – I feel renewed – refreshed and uplifted – by the sight of this ‘morning glory’

Good Morning Messages For Friends

Starting my mornings in this way causes me to reflect – to be thankful – to renew my trust and faith in God – as I sense Him with me.

Of course – there are days when I cannot see that sunrise – days that are heavy with cloud – a blanket covering the sky – hiding from my view the glory of the sun – but – I know that it’s still there – the sun has risen – it’s simply that I cannot see it. glory 7

I’m reminded of the fact that God is always there too – there may be times when I cannot ‘see’ Him – get no sense that He is even there – but I know that He is there.

glory 8So – even the sight of a cloudy sky early in the morning – reminds me of the gory of God – Who – although sometimes ‘hidden’ shines brightly – sharing His glory – His radiance – His love – which is new every morning – waiting for me – allowing me to sense Him close to me.

I don’t know of a better way to  start my day – so may I encourage you too – to begin your day with a glimpse of the ‘morning glory’

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