‘Embrace The Season’

embrace 3We’re at the ‘changing of the seasons’ – the summer is past – the autumn is with us – and very soon we will be aware of the winter approaching.

How we feel about the changing of the seasons really depends on our attitude – we can resent it – or embrace it – we can look backwards – or – look forwards.

We can look back with regret – at the loss of the light and warmth of the summer past – or we can look forward – to the freshness and colour that the autumn brings.embrace 15



I’ve loved the summer – unexpected for us – with its long days of blue skies and temperatures of Mediterranean heat –  bringing with it so many opportunities to linger outdoors – to relax and enjoy food shared – and often cooked – outside.

Autumn brings a change – yet – presents new opportunities – to catch the sunrise – watch the sunset – enjoy the wonderful colours – with the changing of the leaves – get on with  those pastimes – hobbies – projects that have maybe been dormant for the past months.

If we look – there is so much – waiting for us – so much we can find pleasure in – if we look for it – look to the future months – grab hold of all the opportunities that come our way – embrace whatever this next season might hold.embrace 4

The seasons of our life are much the same – they change – and there is nothing we can do to stop them – yet – how we view them – embrace them – can make all the difference.

You may have enjoyed a ‘summer season’ – and are reluctant to leave it behind – dread what the future – the next season – may hold for you.

embrace 9

May I encourage you to look forward – to see the possibilities – the opportunities – even – the challenges of this next season in your life – to move on – carrying the memories – the warmth – the delight of the ‘summer season’ – allow that to enrich your ‘autumn’ – to help you to appreciate the changing opportunities – to embrace the challenges – and make the most of this season that has just begun.


embrace 5





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