silence 7

So often as I have sat in the quiet of the morning – I’ve had the sense that I could reach out and touch the silence – feel it – taste it – hear it – it’s felt so close – so strong.

This morning was one of those times – and I recalled yet another poem I wrote so many years ago – when I can remember feeling much the same.

What can you hear in the silence – as you draw from this world apart
Can you hear the loud beating – of your troubled – sorrowful heart
Or is your heartbeat steady – your spirit at peace and rest
As in the stillness of the silence – you know your soul is blessed

silence 1

What do you feel in the silence – as around you – you let it fall
Can you feel the love of your Saviour – Who wants to give you His all
Can you feel the strength of His Spirit – as He draws you closer still
Can you feel His breath upon you – as He whispers – ‘peace be still’
silence 10
What can you see in the silence – as you close your eyes in prayer
As quiet before Him you linger – with Him your heart to share
Can you see – with eyes He has opened – the things of His world – not yours
In the silence are you willing – to look at the picture He draws

silence 6

You can find the silence precious – if with Him you freely share
You can feel in the quiet before Him – His beauty – that is rare
You can be much more conscious – of Him – instead of you
And feel – and see – and listen- as He shows you what to do

silence 8

So – don’t be afraid of the silence – it’s a gift He gives to thee
A time to spend in His presence – setting your spirit free
A time when in quiet and peace – you can come yourself apart
And – in the silence of His presence – heal that aching heart
silence 4


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