One of our regular walks takes us alongside dykes and a river – where there are warning signs .IMG_0988

We have walked alongside the river – in times of drought – like we had this summer – and also in times of floodIMG_0275



It’s very obvious when the river is in flood just why those warning signs are there – and yet – even when it looks safer – that is not always the case – and everyone really does need to take notice – all the time.

We’ve all read of tragedy’s occurring – when warning signs have been ignored warning 6– we’ve all seen people who refuse to see warning signs in their life – who do not seem to be aware of the danger – who are going the wrong way – and we just wish we could turn them round – yet – we cannot walk their journey for them – they have the freedom to choose. warning 5



Good parents watch for those warning signs for their children – they want to protect them from harm.

So it is with our heavenly Father – He sets out warning signs – loves us and wants to protect us from danger – yet He gives us a free will – we have to make the right choices.

I’m so grateful for His guidance  and  protection in my life – and seek to heed His warnings – walk the way He points out for me – and pray I may help others to do so too.


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