‘A Reflection’



I’m always fascinated by reflections in the water – this picture is not one of my best by any means – but was taken the other day – and reminded me of a poem I wrote about 30 years ago – although it’s perhaps not the best as poetry goes – it expresses my thoughts as I dwelt on ‘reflections’

How peaceful the reflection – in the water – of the trees – but how soon is the image broken by a sudden stirring of the breeze
For it’s the stillness of the water – that makes the image clear and true – And that’s how I must be Lord – to make an image true of You
I must keep still in order to reflect -Your image pure and clear – to show in perfect reflection a picture of Your beauty dear
And as I let the breezes of this life stir my soul – then the image is disturbed and is not fully whole
So help me Lord to keep my life ordered – at peace and still – so I’ll reflect Your loveliness and be made perfect in Your will

reflection 1


So – here I found a picture that captures that refection so much better!

My prayer today is that I will reflect a clear picture-  to all who look – of the grace and love of God – and that nothing will disturbed His loveliness.


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