‘Slow Down’

slow 3We often walk by the canal into the city – and the other day as we did this we reminisced about holidays that we had years ago on narrow boats – traversing a variety of canals.slow 2

One thing stuck out to us about those times – it was the slow pace of life – for a short while – the peace and tranquility of the waterways – contrasting very sharply with the fast pace of the busy roads as we went under their bridges.

The fast pace always reminded us of the ‘everyday life’ we had left behind – it seemed almost alien – made us want to stay away from it – continue on this slow – quiet pace.

Many of you may have experienced a similar thing – that slower pace – that peace – getting away from – what we often refer to  as the – rat race of life.

We all need those times – those spaces – to catch our breath – to stand apart – to reflect – recharge.slow 6

It’s not always possible to spend days – or weeks away – but somehow – we need to carve out that time for ourselves.

Christ Himself found it necessary to go to a quiet place – to get away from the crowds – to slow down from the pace of His life.

slow 4

I encourage you today – find that space – take time – slow down – be refreshed – breath in the peace – and be better equipped to be a blessing to others.


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