‘In Thankfulness’

lois 1Yesterday we celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary – and – as I sit and look back over the years I’m filled with thankfulness to God for the great part He has played in our lives.

What an adventure we have been on – and are still on – with Him.

He has taken us to places we would never have dreamed we would have gone – allowed us to meet people we are so grateful to have met – seen things that have stirred our hearts in ways we could never have imagined. thankful 2

He has walked with us during the ups and downs of daily life – in the routine times – the difficult times – even – the hardest of times.

One thing we have always been aware of during our journey together – is that – a third person has always been there with us.thankful 3

We’re so grateful – so thankful – not only for all He has put into our lives – not just for the grace and strength He has given us – but mostly – for being Who He is – for loving us enough to give up His life – that we might live ours with purpose – with meaning – as His children.

thankful 1He brought us together – has kept us together – and so – I am thankful today – and our celebration is so much greater because He celebrates with us – He is in this with us – always has been – always will be – and – I can’t imagine life in any other way – so – I write today – ‘in thankfulness’


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