‘Leaving Tracks’


IMG_0977It was interesting to note – on a recent walk – how many tracks I spotted on a small stretch of dry sandy path.IMG_0980

It’s quite usual to spot tracks when we have had rain and the ground is soft and wet – easy for prints to be left behind – or – tracks 3in the snow – when I love to see the prints of various animals and birds – as they have made those first prints – left their tracks on a blank white canvas.

Tracks in the dust are not always easy to spot – but there are there all the same.

tracks 5We leave tracks wherever we go.

I’m always fascinated when I see in a film – or hear about a ‘tracker’ – those who have a great ability to follow tracks – even when no one else can spot them.

Tracks are always left behind – I wonder what sort of tracks I leave behind – are they clear for all to see – or – is it difficult to follow my tracks.

I want to leave good clear tracks behind me as I walk on this earth tracks 7– tracks that others can follow – tracks that lead them on their life’s journey – lead them to the One Who loves them – the One Whose tracks I seek to follow.tracks 6


He leaves me clear tracks to follow – I pray that as I follow His tracks – others will follow mine – and in doing so will find themselves following His.



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  1. I’m fascinated by tracks and the way we move through the world – I took a photo of some bird tracks just yesterday on the beach!


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