‘After The Harvest’

What a fascinating time of the year this has been – so much happening around us on the farm – so much different machinery going up and down the lane.pp 3

The combine has probably been the largest of them all – with the tractors coming and going alongside.

IMG_0998We’ve passed the long span of the ‘spreader’ – as fertiliser has been sprayed on the crops and fieldsIMG_0997 – seen a dangerous looking machine that breaks up the soil after the harvest has been brought in – watched fertiliser and seed being put into special containers ready for the re-planting to begin.IMG_0993 (Edited)

We’ve chatted to the farm workers – finding out what they were doing – and I still feel quite ignorant of the farming process – but – one thing stood out to me this week – and that was the continued work that needs to be done – for – no sooner has the harvest been brought in then the next job begins. The end of the harvest season never signals that it’s time to rest – preparation needs to begin – for the next harvest – the ground work done – new seeds planted – fed and looked after for growth to begin again.

pp 1

Much as it is on the farm- so it is in our lives – there are different ‘seasons’.

We may at times feel as though we have ‘finished’ – the harvest has been brought in – the results of so much hard work that we have put into that particular season of our lives -so – we can rest – take it easy – but – it’s important to look ahead – to plan – to prepare – for the next ‘harvest’.

pp 7A I get older I realise that I am more inclined to feel as though the ‘harvest’ has been brought in – the results of a lifetime of ‘preparation’ – of ‘planting’ – of caring for those seeds – and now – maybe it’s time I took it easy – rested – but – if I do that – there will be nothing more to be harvested from my life – so – I will not give up – I will not stop investing in the next season – I will continue to break up the ground – to plant the seed – to nurture – to pray – for yet another harvest for others to enjoy.

pp 6

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  1. It must have been fascinating to watch the harvest at close hand Lois, with all the wider lessons that has for us.


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