‘Morning Dew’

dew 3How refreshing this morning – sitting outside in the freshness of the early morning – seeing the grass glitter with the morning dew – a sure sign of a new day about to begin.

There really is something so special about these early mornings and I’m enjoying them – so grateful for the opportunity – not always possible during certain times in my life – and especially as I can look out far across the countryside.

It makes me realise that often in our lives we take so much for granted – don’t always appreciate the opportunities that are ours – until they are gone – instead of seizing all we are given each day.dew 5

The things you enjoy today will be different from mine – but – if you look for it – you will find something that you can appreciate.

More and more I am seeking to take in everything around me – to notice more – to appreciate more – especially those little things – and I’m convinced that as we look we can find something fresh and new each day.

dew 2

God extends His mercy and love to us each day – new and fresh – enabling us to start the day refreshed – as though by His dew – accept that refreshing – go into your day focused on the newness of it – that opportunity to seize all it has to offer you – and – be blessed.


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