‘Drawn To The Light’


A few weeks ago we visited some good friends of ours – spending a few hours catching up with each others lives – swapping memories – simply – picking up where we had left off – as you can with the ease of a good relationship.light 3

It was late when we left – and even though we did enjoy the last of the evening light for the first part of the journey – most of the way it was dark.

As we drove – headlights on – moths flew towards us – seeming almost like snowflakes in their whiteness – they were ‘drawn to the light’.light 2

On arrival home we discovered that a door had been left open – allowing the cool night air into the house – ( our grandson was still up ) – but –  a light had been left on in the room with the open door – so – as you can imagine the room was occupied by lots of moths and a variety of insects – all drawn to the light!light 12

I find it’s not only insects however that are drawn to the light – people are also drawn to the light – the light of kindness – of love – in others – that light that shines through the eyes – reflecting what is in the heart.light 7

Christ called us to be lights in this world – this world in which we live – that is filled with so much darkness.light 17 He calls us to allow the light of His love – to shine from us – to attract others – to Him – to draw them – to His light.

I want to be a light – that attracts others – and all I need to do is to reflect the light that He has put within me.light 14

I may feel that my light is small – but even a small light draws others to the light when darkness surrounds it.

I feel so blessed that God has shone His light into my life – that His light drew me to Him – and He fills my life with light.  My prayer is that others will see that light in me – and be drawn to Him – Who is the light to the world

light 16

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  1. With posts like that, I am certain you are a light for many


    1. loisastwood says:

      Thank you so much I appreciate that. Blessings Lois

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks. Blessings to you and your as well.


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