‘Something more’

I just love living in the countryside – and especially as we live alongside a farm – where we can watch the crops  – as they are planted – see their growthIMG_0873 – and wait – for harvest time.

We watch – to see if the harvest has been a good one – wait for the busyness of the harvest season – the arrival of the combine – rumbling along the lane IMG_0935– our friendly farmers always willing to give anyone the chance to ride along with them and experience the whole harvest process.

We rejoice as we see  the bales stacked in the fields20170818_195925 – and – because we live next to the farm buildings – we even see the grain being brought into the barn.dry 5

All seems well.

But of course we’ve had weeks of very dry weather – the grass has almost stopped growing – and the cattle in the fields are not able to get enough supplements.

IMG_0925There’s a small pasture next to our house and – because he knows we love to watch the cattle – the farmer has brought a small part of his herd of Herefordshire cattle to graze there. There are 8 in all – including 3 cows with their calves and they are not getting quite enough nutrition from the sparse grass on which they graze – so – some of the early cut silage has been brought in to help them.dry 3

They are being given – something more – more than they have – simply because that is not sufficient for them at this time.

There are times in our lives when spiritually – we need something more – when what we are feeding on is not enough – when – maybe we are going through a dry period in our lives – needing more.

dry 2

God always provides the ‘something more’ when we need it – but – just as the cattle have to come to where that extra provision is – and eat it – so we have to come to His provision – come to Him – our Provider – trust Him – to supply just what we need – when we need it.

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