51A4DA5C-DD6E-4A69-8B00-AB90C13529AAWalking in the area near where we live I find myself  going down many different  pathways – some are only small tracks – alongside the farmers fields – some – more worn by other walkers – others – quite overgrown.

0374B81C-DC71-484D-B4E6-4DD3D0924342 Depending on how the weather has been – they can be dry and rutted – or wet and muddy!

Some are narrow – with just sufficient room for one person to walk – others are wide – maybe curving all the way round a field – or maybe simply disappearing into the distance.

IMG_0862There are of course some paths that I am not allowed to walk along !E5BFF2EF-E81C-43DA-8A13-E2E77C922E2E – these are usually well marked – and only used by those who have the right to them – either because they lead to their private property or land.

Part of my walk often necessitates me walking on the side of the country roads D06F3994-FD23-45F0-BBC3-3327FB6D4DF3 – the smooth tamac easy on the feet – but at times a challenge to get out of the way of vehicles passing by.

I so often find myself comparing what I see around me – to life.

Of course we can all recognise that on our life’s journey we travel along many different roads – or tracks – some are easy – some more challenging. The seasons of our life so often affect the paths we walk – some paths are simply just not ours to follow – some are well trodden – others it would seem as though no one else has travelled that way.

For me – as I look back on the many paths my feet have travelled – I’m simply conscious that I have not travelled even one of them alone- there has been One Who has waked by my side – Always – One Who has trod the path before me – Who has promised to be with me and Who knows the way that I take – even before I begin my journey.

Even as I literally walk the different paths – I find my soul restored – as I contemplate God’s wonderful creation – recognise His love for me.

path 1




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