‘What Do You See’

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IMG_0833 (Edited)Walking along the country lanes the other day one of the first things that I noticed was the usual bits of rubbish along the hedgerow – at first I was distracted by them and found myself deliberately seeking them out – taking notice of them – until I realised that what was actually happening was that I was missing seeing so many hidden gems among that very same hedgerow. I deliberately didn’t take any pictures of the rubbish – but concentrated on seeing beyond it. C7D3B7BB-0109-4F62-8055-08CAF2E87178

One of the first things I saw was a small cluster of red berries – growing among the undergrowth – their redness catching my eye even before I got close to them.1C5440E5-C98B-40C3-BA9B-F8C886FD606E

A little further along was a scattering of tiny white and pinkish flowers – so delicate among the grasses2C492B91-6D04-4C91-A747-DBECB0EF0961 – while nearby a group of small purple flowers almost competed for my attention. 1E097DE0-1831-4E0E-AB91-C9C5D319623D

99F10681-9768-4283-99D7-E1E5294583F7Thistles sprouted up in various stages of growth – while teasels 3B262ADE-7A66-402F-A1D5-4644A1AFE11B stood tall and strong – then shouting it’s beauty – a single poppy called to me.C9296846-1FFA-45CB-9795-6AA6144653C3

So much of what I was seeing quite often gets unnoticed – lost in the hedgerows – ignored – seen as weeds – when actually they are simply wild flowers that have a purpose we may not recognise.23499AB2-7034-4EDF-972F-99E991A0A7B0

I walked by fields – golden with grains – ripe for harvest –  one after the other – looking almost the same – that is until I looked closely – and could see the variety of the crops.112FBA08-527B-41FB-8D48-E5B117ACC5491069E101-4E28-4636-B132-380EEEA8FD83

I was challenged to consider how I see those around me – as I walk – day by day. Do I get distracted by the things that annoy me – like the rubbish thrown around – or – do I concentrate on the ‘hidden gems’ – the beauty that can be found in everyone – if only I’ll look and see. If I look closely enough I will recognise that variety is all around me – every person an individual – who deserves my attention – all having a purpose and beauty.

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