‘Get Alongside’

8B6E4140-4B06-4073-95B0-3BB03D7F15EEWhile away for a few days I managed to carve out some time for myself – to be alone – to find that quiet space – and I found it – only a short way away from the crowds of people – along the shoreline – watching and listening to the water flow gently over the rocks – it brought a peace to my spirit – a calm to my soul.

I just love those times – when I can begin to see ‘beyond’ – past what my eyes may see at first glance – hear what those things that I see have to say to me.

79F8063D-5367-4519-B8A6-E5CED2B79B79As I looked around me I saw a group of people who were ‘paddle boarding’ – and as I watched I recognised that some of them were being taught just how to do it – they were being shown – by actions – by encouragement – even when they fell in! – in fact one of the instructors fell in himself – and so demonstrated to them – just how to get back on the board and keep going.boat 4


There were rowing boats nearby – reminding me of the time when I learnt to row a boat. First my friend sat beside me – showing me just how to position the oar – themselves pulling on the second oar – then – passing that oar over – encouraging me as I tried to row by myself – helping me when I ended up going in circles! – persisting – showing patience – until I was confident and competent by myself.0810F331-FA79-48F2-B7F3-33FC141EBFAD

But – for me – the most ‘special’ boat that I saw – was a sort of ‘twin canoe’ – each boat carrying instructors – and those they were showing the skills of sailing to. They sat side by side – engaging with each one – encouraging – laughing – having fun – at the same time. boat 7It seemed much more than a ‘lesson’ – it was the sharing of a life skill – of a sense of adventure – of adding something rich to the lives of those children and young adults.

My observations that day showed me how important it is that we get alongside one another – help each other – encourage each other – have fun together and seek to enrich each others lives.

Awesome inspirational quotes about helping others Helping Others Quotes

May you be inspired also – to be that example – that encouragement – to help others to achieve so much more in their lives – and together accomplish so much more.






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