‘Not Without Hope’

68FD8187-F5F1-4AF7-A0FD-87C6E78F0153.jpegWalking along the promenade I came across this abandoned boat – it had clearly been there for some time – and was neglected – seeming beyond any chance of ever sailing again.

What struck me however was the name written on it’s side – ‘HOPEFUL’06AABAED-A7BD-4FD8-AB25-5E6C6AF578F0

As I walked further I came across another small boat – that was possibly in an even worse state – and this one had no name written on it’s side that I could see – it seemed as if there was no – hope – at all that it would ever be useful again.

There are so many in our world that feel as though they have been abandoned – so many who have actually experienced total abandonment.

Most feel as though there is no hope at all – that they will never be useful again – never be wanted – never be cared for – much like the second boat I saw today.3DC1FEE1-055F-4FDA-9566-1780247D689B

Some however – continue to have hope – hope that some day – they will be rescued- taken care of – they carry a name with them – ‘Hopeful’ – like that first boat – and recognise that although at times they may seem to have been abandoned – there is One – Who has promised never to leave – or abandoned them – One Who loves them – Who will care for them – pick them up – and make them whole again.A323DC8B-0C90-4B87-AB55-54123E0A478F



I pray for Hope today – a hope that will remain – a hope that will find itself daring to believe that however abandoned we may feel – God has not given up on us.

He wants to take us – and renew us – make us whole again – because He loves us





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  1. Truly a beautiful post of encouragement and comfort! God speaks through your post loud and clear… and what a spectacular photo! Thank you!

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