‘The Garden of my Soul’

garden 1

I’m enjoying the long – and at present – hot days of the summer – allowing me to sit outside – to relax with family and friends – to feel that sun on my face – to enjoy the cooling breezes.

However – the garden needs tending – for even though the grass remains short – the dryness not helping it to grow – the weeds seem to thrive.

How is it I wonder – that no matter what the weather – cold – wet – hot – dry – those weeds always seem to shoot up – it’s a constant battle to keep them under control.

Our garden is rough and natural – the grass a playground for the rabbitsIMG_0673 – thistles sprouting up and competing with the nettles in their height IMG_0672– yet – we love it – it fits in perfectly with the surrounding countryside – there’s nothing to stop our view.




We do however need to keep a certain area free from those thistles and weeds – we do need to keep them under control – root some of them out – cut them down.

I see the ‘garden’ of our lives like that too – places where weeds seem to thrive and abound – where it seems the weeds grow quickly – thrive ‘whatever’ – and can soon crowd out the blossoms we would like to cultivate.

garden 1

We constantly need to ‘weed’ – to dig up – to cut down – those ‘weeds – those things that would mar the beauty around them.


Weeds so easily choke out anything else – and – they will grow – we’re all aware of that I’m sure. The secret is to get rid of them before they take over – to uproot them as soon as we see them appearing – to constantly weed and tend the soil of our hearts – allowing the beauty of Christ to be seen – unhindered by those unwanted weeds.


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