courage 1

Today I want to applaud the courage of a lady I met a couple of days ago  – she arrived at a group I help out at – that’s set up as a place of friendship – safety and pampering for any ladies who wish to attend.

As with any group I guess – many of the ladies come along with a friend – and usually end up with more friends as they meet each week.

However – the lady I met that day represented those few who come in all alone – now for me – that takes courage – to walk into a room of strangers – to sit among others who obviously know one another – conversations flowing around you that you are not yet a part of – very definitely – that takes courage.

Yet – it wasn’t just that which I applauded – it was the courage that this lady was showing in how she was responding to a great loss in her life. Her husband had recently died and she was obviously still very raw and emotional – yet – she was pushing herself – accepting the reality of her situation – not wallowing in self pity – but making hard decisions and choices for her life as she moved forward.courage 3

Courage – that’s what it was taking her.

It’s almost inevitable that during most of our lives we will face situations that need us to take courage – to act courageously – to make great efforts to overcome – to move forward.

As I write this I am aware of many people I have known and know at this present time who have displayed great courage in the face of difficult circumstances and I applaud you all.

Many struggle alone – and I am so thankful that I have always had One alongside – Who Himself gives me courage – Who stands by me – with me – holds my hand – leads me onwards – Who encourages me in any situation – to be strong – and courageous.

courage 2So – I’m encouraged today – by the many acts of courage that I see from those around me – and I applaud you all.



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