together 9

This morning I was watching a flock of birds flying from the nearby tree – to the house roof – then onto the garden. Each time they did this they seemed to wait for one another – not setting off from each area until they were all together again.

together 2

This got me thinking about lots of our birds and animals that go around in groups –   the birds fly together –  the cows wander and chew the cud together sheep graze together

together 8

together 10





fish swim together wolves and lions hunt in packs and so I could go on. Most species play and work together

Surely we are no different – we work and play better together – we were made to be together.

Right in the beginning God said ‘It’s not good for man to be alone’

Yet – in our culture so many people end up being alone – lonely – with no one to share the pleasures and necessities of life with.

We need one another  – to ‘roam’ with – to ‘graze’ with – to ‘fly’ with


We need those we can follow – those who will support us – encourage us – we need to interact with one another – protect one another – we need to be there for one another.

together 5

In recognising this – my hope and prayer is that I will become more and more aware of those who are lonely – those who need someone to simply walk with – to swim alongside – and even – to fly with – and that I will wait for them – be with them – do life together 

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